I, Hacker
Intermittent neural activity

Well, my talk for Blackhat (My Arduino can beat up your hotel room lock) is over.  Things could've gone better in terms of execution -- went through it too quickly and ended up using 30 minutes of my 60 minute slot.  But people really enjoyed it and I spent a good hour or so answering questions.

Now it's time to release everything. There's still work to be done on the paper, but that will happen in time.

Paper: http://demoseen.com/bhpaper.html
Slides: http://demoseen.com/bhtalk2.pdf

I'll write more on all this in the near future, but now it's time for sleep and all that.

Happy hacking,
- Cody Brocious (Daeken)

Edit #1: I've created an IRC channel for the ongoing research in this stuff.  It's #lockresearch on irc.freenode.net.  Feel free to join if you want to keep track of the work, or participate hands on.